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by Aakash Gupta

“We’re going to end up on Salesforce anyways.” It’s a truth as old as time for sales and sales ops professionals.

But when I was working at a VP of Product at Apollo.io, our data told an entirely different story. SMBs were definitely not just using Salesforce. It was hardly an inevitability.

Instead, they were using any number of challenger incumbents: Hubspot, Pipedrive, and, the newest kid on the block, Attio.

So, I’ve been really interested in this company since it moved out of stealth last year.

A Unique Product Culture

Attio just hired its first PM three months ago.

You read that right: the CRM challenger that’s been making waves all over social media has been operating with ‘product engineers’ for the last 7 years.

That’s not the only thing you don’t know about one of the fastest growing, most interesting PLG companies out there.

Today’s Post

Words: 6,720 | Est. Reading Time: 26 mins

I’ve interviewed both of Attio’s Co-Founders, its head of growth, a senior product engineer, marketing specialist, and 9 paying users of the product. (Yep, 14 interviews.)

It’s by far the web’s deepest research into the product and company. If you’re a PM, product leader, investor, or in the sales tech space, this piece will have insights for you:

  1. The Story of Attio
  2. 🔒 How Attio Builds Product
  3. 🔒 Attio’s PLG Motion: Screen-by-screen

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